Cecilie Giskemo

Cecilie Giskemo has a master’s degree in jazz vocals- and composition from England and a teacher training degree from the Norwegian Academy of Music. She lives in Oslo where she works as a producer, musician and music teacher. In addition to this, she works as a managing director for Oslo Afro Arts Festival, an African music- and culture festival.

Cecilie is the founder, composer and performer in the ensemble Batini. She is the co-founder, composer and performer of the vocal group Røyst Trio and the duo Giskemo/Wærstad.

Through her work as a musician and teacher in Zimbabwe and Nepal, and her collaborations with artists and musicians from all over the world, Cecilie has specializes in cross-cultural art collaborations. This both within project management as well as performing and teaching. She has performed at festivals, concerts and radio/TV programs in Norway, England, Finland, Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico, Zimbabwe and Nepal.