Røyst Trio performs original music written and arranged by the members of the group. Each member has their very own sound that together creates a unique vocal texture and a varied collection of compositions. The groups’ music represents a contemporary and creative fusion of elements from world-music, modern jazz and folk music along with a strong portion of improvisation. Røyst has since their start up in 2002 produced tours and concerts of their own in Norway, England, Germany, Finland, USA, Canada, Mexico and Zimbabwe, and in 2005 they released their debut album, ‘Nordic Initiative’. In combination with their international tour work, the group has continuously put great emphasis on running workshops both for amateur and professional performers as well as for teachers. In the workshops Røyst has, through means of explorative and interactive concepts, promoted the artistic and cultural value of a cappella music in addition to the spontaneous opportunity we as humans have to use our voice to create music together. In 2013 Røyst Trio qualified as finalists in the Tampere Vocal Ensemble Contest.

The trio has during the recent years toured with their concept Unconventional Tour in more rural parts of Norway with the intention to promote and bring vocal based music to communities that have less access to this art form and to inspire youth of all ages to engage in singing and vocal expression.

In 2013 Røyst and the British jazz-folk ensemble and Metamorphic, led by composer and pianist Laura Cole, initiated an ongoing collaboration project. The project explores the dynamic fusion of the two ensembles’ creative musical expressions as well as the musicians’ collective interest for song-based compositions, texture and improvisation. The collaboration toured England the summer of 2013 and in November 2015 with support from Arts Council England.

In 2013 Røyst Trio furthermore collaborated with the Irish composer and double bass player Dave Kane along with the British artists Andy Wood (film maker), Rommi Smith (poet), Jason Hird (director) to make the genre-crossing production ‘Salt Song’ which was staged at Hyde Park Cinema in Leeds, UK. The production also included a band featuring leading musicians from the British jazz scene; Matthew Bourne, Joost Hendrix, Simon Beddoe, Seth Bennett, Oliver Dover and Tom Sidebottom.

In April and May 2010 Røyst spent a month working in Zimbabwe. There they were part of a larger collaborative project with local and international singers, musicians, poets and dancers in the project ‘WoCalling – Røyst in Collaboration’ which was commissioned by Harare International Festival of Arts, and which the following year toured Germany and Norway.

When touring in England 2007 the group collaborated with world renowned Ian Ballamy and Thomas Strønen, who together with Røyst and LIMA Sax Quartet performed to pieces originally written by Røyst for the collaboration project.

In 2005 Røyst composed and performed a commission for Nynorskfestspela, the annual festival celebrating one of the two written Norwegian languages, Nynorsk, at Ivar Aasen-tunet in Ørsta, Norway. The commission was made up by three compositions setting music to poems by Edvard Hoem and Ivar Aasen.